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Our field of activity comprises the processing with matters of estates in Germany and abroad with completely or partially unknown heirs, as well as the worldwide obtaining of documents relevant for the heirs certificate of inheritance.

In the case that no last will had been deposited or could be found we ascertain who is entitled to the legal order of succession and where the residence of the person in question is.

In search of proprietors or heirs of dormant accounts we provide widespread investigation services for banks and insurance companies. For these responsibilities Liebmann & Bergmann GbR is highly qualified as an enterprise under obligatory legal survey.

On the basis of the bequeather`s curriculum vitae and information about his specific living circumstances, we offer to search for unknown or supposed assets in case that a heir assumes not to be completely informed about the value of the estate.

Family reunion is a concern hearkening back to the formative years of the company. Unfortunately, family reunion remains a contemporary issue but we observe for our clients complex investigations all over the world.



For the long-term archiving the whole documentation is arranged in file formats which fit the international ISO/EC 26300 standard.

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