Liebmann & Bergmann - Probate and Asset Research

The Liebmann & Bergmann team consists of members from various personal and professional backgrounds.

The genealogic interest of the Liebmann family emerged after WWII to trace emigrated and disappeared family members. Based on this interest an extensive network and access to historical sources was developed which nowadays is for the benefit of efficient probate research.

These and further state-of-the-art-tools enable Liebmann & Bergmann to conduct their research efficient and target-oriented.

Professional Probate Research and Job Training

In those countries which are of interest for the settlement of a German estate Liebmann & Bergmann are in contact with local genealogic experts. We maintain relationships with colleagues in Poland, Belgium, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand in order to provide swift document search on a local basis.

Since 2008 Liebmann & Bergmann is approved by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Nord Westfalen for the training of apprentices in the field of information and documentation.

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