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Januar 2008

New agencies will be establish in Wiesbaden and Freiburg. The new contact details will be posted to our contact-thread within the next time.

The newspaper "Westfaelische Nachrichten" reports about Nachlass-Ermittlungen GbR. The article will be posted within the next days.

December 2007

The web presence of Nachlass-Ermittlungen GbR was revised by Bettina Rasberger. We express our gratitude to her for her 1:1 conversion of our templates.


Presentation of our corporate brochure

Imagebroschüre der Nachlass Ermilltungen GbR Our probate researchers received in the middle of December the corporate brochure for the agency in Muenster. We are very happy about it`s pleasant design. For that reason, Sven Betting from the Westfaelische Nachrichten interviewed the employees and the executive director at the agency in Muenster. Concurrently, the developement of the the international network of the Liebmann & Bergmann GbR increased by forwarding the new corporate brochure to the long-term partners of the Liebmann family.

Foto: Sven Betting, Westf. Nachrichten

The photo shows Ms. Cornelia Osiecki with the new corporate brochure, the executive directors of Liebmann & Bergmann GbR Nachlass-Ermittlungen, Mr. Patrick Liebmann and Mr. Frank Bergmann, as well as Mr. David Meyer and Ms. Agnieszka Woijszokowski, our associate in Krakau.

June 2007

After a intensive preparation time, Nachlass-Ermittlungen GbR, Patrick Liebmann & Frank Bergmann was founded. With this step, the conversion from the familiary beginning, the genealogic work, took place to a network orientated company with far reaching contacts, established over the years by the Liebmann family.


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