1.) What is a probate research?

  2.) What are the tasks of a probate researcher?

  3.) What are the heir`s claims?

  4.) How much does a probate research cost?

  5.) Do i have to make a deposit or are there any other obligations?

  6.) Who will bear the costs of the probate researcher, if the investigations fail?

  7.) Do i have to procurate you as a probate researcher for doing any investigations in my name?

  8.) Can it happens, that your charge will be above my share of the inheritance?

  9.) Is it possible to claim a tax deduction releated to the arising expences?

10.) How can I assess the level of the amount, I will get out of the inheritance?

11.) Is it possible for me to inherit depts?

12.) What happens with depts within the inherit?

13.) Are there taxes on the inheritance?

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