What is a probate research?

The probate research deals with the investigation for heirs and their hereditary title. We mostly work at complex cases where the beneficiary of an inheritance is completely unknown or missed. The international character of our business arises through the circumstances that in many cases the deceased and the heirs live in different countries.
Generally, there are two procedural methods.

The deceased`s last will had been recorded.

Everything will be very easy, if a last will had been recorded. In the UK and in the USA, the probate court provides an Executor to fulfil the deceased`s last will. A probate has to be applied directly to the probate court. In the UK, the Principal Registry or the family department`s District Probate Registry of the High Court of Justice administrate the probates; in the USA it would be the Probate Court or the Surrogates Courts. The Court verifies the last will and assures that all legal conditions are conform. After that, the court normally approves the probate.

A last will does not exist

The legal order of succession is used, if a last will had not been recorded. In this case, the property of the deceased will be given, accordant to the legal order of succession and on fixed terms, to the next relatives - with reservation of some particular legal regulations and after the allowance of all bounds and
taxes. Instead of a probate, the court certificates a Letter of Administration which appoints the executor as the deceased personal representative. He has the duty to authorize an attorney to manage the liabilities arising from the inheritance. After the reconciliation, he provides a balance of the assets and defines the level of the share of the inheritance.

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