Patrick Liebmann

The concerns in genealogy and family research of Patric Liebmann were aroused during his schooldays through the work of his father.

Although his occupational history starts with the academic studies in business-management (Master of Business Administration) and leads him, upon finishing his second studies with a master-degree as Business Arabist, into the financial sector.

While Mr. Liebmann worked as a customer consultant and in the private banking section for the HypoVereinsbank and the Dresdener Bank, he gains insight the processes and functioning of the financial sector. This knowledge was furthermore completed by his activity at the auditing department of the Allianz Global Investor in Frankfurt/Germany.

Today, Mr. Liebmann harks back to these experiences in the range of his contacts with banks and insurance companies. His knowledge about the workflow and judicial demands of the financial sector facilitates seriously the liquidation of the composition proceedings. In addition to English and French, Mr. Liebmann also speaks the Arabian language on an advanced level.

Frank Bergmann

Frank Bergmann worked for several years as an administrator of hardware-interlocked Unix-based systems located in various German data processing service centres.

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