Model contracts of Nachlass-Ermittlungen GbR

The model contracts with the accordant cover letters placed at your disposal hereunder are meant to facilitate your preparatory works. The contracts are to all intents and purposes negotiable, but for all that did they hitherto proved value to both contracting partners. Of cause these contracts are negotiable but until now they proved value for both contractual partners.

General advices and instructions

The deposited contracts are our drafts, resulting from our experiences of the last years.

In case of any question or need of a legal advice, we recommend you to contact your attorney at law to clarify the details. You can get also directly in touch with our legal matter agency.

Please contact us to discuss the statutory framework. We really attach importance to a cooperatively work to achieve the most satisfactorily result for all parties involved.


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Nachlass-Ermittlungen GbR
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