Our service for individuals and companies.

Our clients are curators of estate, executors, insurance companies and banks. Also heirs, families and genealogists refer to our service to complete their family trees.

Curator of estate

Curators of estate or acquainted heirs, in case of a partial clarified succession, assign our company to bring to light the unsettled family members.

Banks and insurance companies

Insurer and banks engage our service to retrieve the owners or their heirs of dormant bank accounts or due insurance premiums.


In case that a heir assumes not to be completely informed about the inheritance, we take care of the worldwide search of unknown or supposed assets. Further, we support the assertion of the heir`s claims by providing him with the required documents and information.


Family trees and genealogic researches are not just a hobby. Professional family research can be an efficient tool to retrieve missed relatives. We keep in touch with our international partners to research on-site and to obtain the legal documents from the local authorities for your concerns.

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