Assingnment by a curator of estate

If our probate researchers are assingned by a curator of estate, we will complete the decedent`s family tree to ascertain who is accordant to the legal order of succession and where the residence of the person in question is. In addition to the standardized provision of birth-, marriage- and death certificates, our researchers  will investigate on-site at the local archives and obtain the curator of estate with the legal documents from the local authorities.

All achievements will be recorded and legal documents will be certificated. We will periodical discuss with you the assumptions and new approaches of the investigation.

We assure that you as a curator of estate are always best informed about the state of affairs. You can also additionally demand a short-term interim report of our investigations, e.g. to update the probate court about the progress in the testamentary cause.


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Nachlass-Ermittlungen GbR
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